Install from Source

This is the recommended way to install on most setups, for both development and production.


For production deployments, we also recommend pinning specific releases when cloning or updating source repositories.

Setting Up Manager and Agent (single node)


For a standard installation:

  • Ubuntu 16.04+ / CentOS 7.4+ / macOS 10.12+

    • For Linux: sudo with access to the package manager (apt-get or yum)

    • For macOS: homebrew

  • bash

  • git

To enable CUDA (only supported in Ubuntu or CentOS):

  • CUDA 9.0 or later (with compatible NVIDIA driver)

  • nvidia-docker 1.0 or 2.0

Running the Installer

Verifying the Installation

Setting Up Additional Agents (multi-node)

Updating Manager Configuration for Multi-Nodes

Verifying the Installation