API Overview

Backend.AI API v3 consists of two parts: User APIs and Admin APIs.


APIv3 breaks backward compatibility a lot, and we will primarily support v3 after June 2017. Please upgrade your clients immediately.

API KeyPair Registration

For managed, best-experience service, you may register to our cloud version of Backend.AI API service instead of installing it to your own machines. Simply create an account at cloud.sorna.io and generate a new API keypair. You may also use social accounts for log-ins such as Twitter, Facebook, and GitHub.

An API keypair is composed of a 20-characters access key (AKIA...) and a 40-characters secret key, in a similar form to AWS access keys.

Currently, the service is BETA: it is free of charge but each user is limited to have only one keypair and have up to 5 concurrent kernel sessions for a given keypair. Keep you eyes on further announcements for upgraded paid plans.

Accessing Admin APIs

The admin APIs require a special keypair with the admin privilege:

  • The public cloud service (api.sorna.io): It currently does not offer any admin privileges to the end-users, as its functionality is already available via our management console at cloud.sorna.io.

  • On-premise installation: You will get an auto-generated admin keypair during installation.