Install on Clouds

The minimal instance configuration:

  • 1x SSL certificate with a private key for your own domain (for production)

  • 1x manager instance (e.g., t3.xlarge on AWS)

    • For HA setup, you many replicate multiple manager instances running in different availability zones and put a load balancer in front of them.

  • Nx agent instances (e.g., t3.medium / p2.xlarge on AWS – for minimal testing)

    • If you spawn multiple agents, it is recommended to use a placement group to improve locality for each availability zone.

  • 1x PostgreSQL instance (e.g., AWS RDS)

  • 1x Redis instance (e.g., AWS ElasticCache)

  • 1x etcd cluster

    • For HA setup, it should consist of 5 separate instances distributed across availability zones.

  • 1x cloud file system (e.g., AWS EFS, Azure FileShare)

  • All should be in the same virtual private network (e.g., AWS VPC).