Install monitoring and logging tools

The Backend.AI can use several 3rd-party monitoring and logging services. Using them is completely optional.

Guide variables

⚠️ Prepare the values of the following variables before working with this page and replace their occurrences with the values when you follow the guide.

Name Description
{DDAPIKEY} >The Datadog API key
{DDAPPKEY} The Datadog application key
{SENTRYURL} The private Sentry report URL

Install Datadog agent

Datadog is a 3rd-party service to monitor the server resource usage.

$ DD_API_KEY={DDAPIKEY} bash -c "$(curl -L"

Install Raven (Sentry client)

Raven is the official client package name of Sentry, which reports detailed contextual information such as stack and package versions when an unhandled exception occurs.

$ pip install "raven>=6.1"