Install on Clouds

  1. Prepare the instances and databases.

    • 1x SSL certificate with a private key for your own domain (for production)

    • 1x gateway instance (e.g., t2.xlarge on AWS)

    • 1x agent instances (e.g., t2.medium / p2.xlarge on AWS – for minimal testing)

    • 1x PostgreSQL instance (e.g., AWS RDS)

    • 1x Redis instance (e.g., AWS ElasticCache)

    • 1x etcd cluster

      • It is up to you whether to setup a HA-enabled multi-instance cluster or a single-instance cluster with storage backups.

      • Check out [[this page|Install etcd]] for details. If you install etcd on the same instance where the manager runs, you could try using docker-compose configuration in this meta-repository’s code.

    • 1x cloud file system (e.g., AWS EFS, Azure FileShare)

    • All should be in the same virtual private network.

  2. Install Manager

    • After done, create an image of this instance as a backup.

  3. Install Agent

    • After done, create an image of this instance for ease of manual/autoamtic scaling.

  4. Configure Autoscaling